def func(nondefault, default=value, *, kwonly)
def func(nondefault, default=value, *, kwonly)


  • Rename symbol names, includes variables, functions, classes, arguments, class private methods. The name replacer avoids a 1:1 mapping of cleartext names to obfuscated names, the same name may be converted to several different names within different scopes.
  • Remove documentation strings.
  • Remove comments.
  • Python 3.3 - 3.7 are supported.

Unsupported python language features

Functions that access runtime namespace ( exec, dir, locals, globals ) may go wrong because of accessing objects that has been renamed.

Recommendations to achieve best results

  • Define export list (a variable named __all__) for each module.
  • Use positional arguments as much as possible.
  • Add double underscore prefix (e.g. __private) to class private attributes/methods.

Module level names

Every name except the names listed in module variable __all__ are all considered private and will be renamed. If __all__ is not defined, the set of private names includes all names found in the module’s namespace which begin with underscore character ('_').

It's safe to rename function parameters?

If you open options for rename parameters, you need to make sure that do not use them as keyword arguments in function call.

Submitting bugs and feedback

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