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A single license permitting use by one user costs USD $198. A download key will be sent to your email after payment is completed (put your email address into the paypal payment message or contact via support email). A license is valid for all future versions.

End User License Agreement

Support email: oxyry.com@gmail.com

Command line options

$ python oxyrypyob.pyc -h
usage: oxyrypyob.pyc [-h] [--output FILE] [--append-source]
                     [--remove-docstrings] [--rename-module-private-names]
                     [--preserve NAME [NAME ...]] [--recursive]

Oxyry python obfuscator (http://pyob.oxyry.com)

positional arguments:
  SOURCE                Source file path. To read content from stdin instead
                        of a file, use "-" instead.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --output FILE, -o FILE
                        Output file path. If no file specified, the output
                        will be written to stdout.
  --remove-docstrings, -d
  --rename-module-private-names, -g
  --rename-nondefault-parameters, -p
  --preserve NAME [NAME ...]
  --recursive, -r       If file path specified on the command line is a
                        directory, obfuscator will descend into the directory
                        and obfuscate all the files it finds there (WARNING:
                        the source files will be overridden!).